EcoSpring Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinders are the next generation in water heating. Using heat pump technology, by harnessing naturally occurring thermal energy from the air to heat the water

EcoSpring also utilise smart technology that allows you to control and manage the way you heat your water, with simple to use control panel. With power prices set to keep rising, now is the time to think of smart ways of saving energy. 

EcoSpring is one of them!




Reduce Power Bill
Save money, with water heating costs reduced by up to 70%.

Renewable Energy
Harnesses naturally occurring thermal energy from the air to heat the water.

4 Year Payback
Typically, the initial investment  will be paid back within 2 - 4 years.

Inside/Outside Installation
Designed to withstand weather. Standard electrical connection, standard cold water inlet and hot water outlet.

Rain Cover 
Required for ES300 outside installations

Advanced Controls
Economy setting (100% heat pump) Hybrid setting (heat pump & electricity) and e-Heating (100% electricity).

Real Time Control
24 hour timer allows accurate water heating control to take advantage of the higher daytime temperatures & eliminate noise during the night.




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