EcoSpring Water Heaters are the next generation in water heating. Using heat pump technology, water is heated by harnessing the free naturally occurring thermal energy from the air reducing your water heat bill up to 70%.

EcoSpring Features

Reduce Power Bill

Save money, with water heating costs reduced by up to 70%

Renewable Energy

Harnesses naturally occurring thermal energy from the air to heat the water.

4 Year Payback

Typically, the initial investment will be paid back within 2 - 4 years.

Wide Temperature Operation

Operates at 5°C in ECO mode and to -20°C and 45°C in E-Heat mode

Easy to use Controls

A 24-hour timer allows accurate water heating control to take advantage of the higher daytime temperatures & eliminate noise during the night.

Low Operating Noise

At only 49-55dBA the EcoSpring has a very low noise output, and with an outside installation, you’ll hardly know it’s there.