Ideal House - homestar rated

We installed an EcoSpring in our home which was designed to 8 Homestar rating, as well as being a Positive Energy Passive House. Not only has it contributed to our goal of low energy consumption, but it has also impressed us with its quietness, ease of operation and quick recovery time. We have already recommended it to others and would gladly choose to install one in future projects.

Lee Ann and Murray Durbin, The Ideal House

Enough hot water for the whole family!

We are really pleased with the size. We were constantly running out of hot water with our old cylinder. Your new one has never run out. We are a family of 6 and it is always set on Economy mode which is heat pump only, so this is great! 

Michael, Remuera, Auckland

Our EcoSpring Heat Pump is already saving us money!

After talking to a couple of people about what Hot water heat pumps they use we decide to install a EcoSpring 300lt hot water system. The cylinder has now been running since September 2014 and there was a remarkable drop in the amount of KW’s we use in a month. The hot water cylinder was installed outside our en-suite. We have used the electronic control to regulate the running time and the number of start times. We set the cylinder on Eco mode and it only runs between the hours of 10.30am and 14.30 pm. This amount time is enough to heat the water up to 60°C for four adults. This system is not noisy at all and runs in the midday when no one is at home. I have checked the noise level with a db meter and it is only around 45db to 48db which I am very happy about. We are very happy with the installation of our Eco Spring hot water cylinder and if we had to move to a new property the first item I would change is the hot water cylinder.

Johan, West Harbour, Auckland


We are amazed at the monthly savings!

After having our Ecospring 300 installed we were expecting some savings on our power usage but we were amazed at the monthly savings!

We also have LED lighting in the house but we have more than halved our monthly power bill.

The system is quiet to run and with our boys getting older we know that with 300 litres there we won't run out of hot water.

We couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend the Ecospring hot water system.


Tom Kelly - Riverhead